Tuesday, November 09, 2004

tania, like a dancer

So, I pledged some money to a local college radio station for their recent funding drive, during one of Arek and my favourite programs, Drunken Master Review. It's a program where a bunch of guys sit around talking about new and old movies. They know pretty much everything about every movie ever made, and they are absolutely hilarious. So... since they gave out the phone number as we were driving home one night, I just picked up my handy cell phone and called right away. The helpful guy on the other end of the line took all my info, first name, last name, address, etc, and credit card info. Later during the show, the Drunken Master and his friends read out the names of the people who had recently pledged, thanking them. They get to my name and the person on the other end of the phone hadn't given them my last name (it's very long, Polish, and complicated, not unlike my husband hahahahaha), so they just had my first name.

"We'd also like to thank Tania... with no last name... so.. just Tania... aaahhh she sounds like a dancer..."

You could not have tickled me more pink. I started clapping and laughing, a bit like a lunatic, but a happy one none-the-less! I don't really know why it pleased me so much, I DO like to dance, I'm positive I would never introduce myself as Tania, dancer, but it just was funny that he picked one of the activities closed to my heart.

I just about picked up the phone and pledged again!

Anyway, I promised you a glimpse at my hula solo.... I'm currently taking a belly-dancing class, and in mid-December, our class is putting on a recital. My teacher gets all her classes together once in a while, with a friend's classes and they have a show-down of sorts, well, just a recital really. It is mostly just all the other students, plus one guest per student, so it adds up to about 150 people! Our class is starting to put together the choreography, and the teacher thought it might be neat to have each of us do a mini-solo (just about one minute), with PROPS! So, someone will dance with candles, some with swords, some with sticks, and the only prop I could think of that I had, was a hoop so that's what I'm doing! I'm not sure how it's all going to work out, but I'll keep you updated. I tried shimmy-ing with the hoop, but instead of looking sexy and dance-like it looked like I was trying to seizure myself out of a Jeffries tube! (3 points to the first person to email me knowing what that is)

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