Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More than a thousand words

Since I really don't feel like talking out loud these days, some pretty pictures to keep you happy:

Monday, July 11, 2005

my recent bliss and gratitude

  • having the only house on the street that sells in 5 weeks. all the others that were for sale at the same time are still on the market
  • having a closing date for both the old and new houses that fell into place perfectly
  • having enough friends and trucks and beer and food to create a smooth and seamless move on the hottest day of the year
  • birthday suit suntanning on the balcony completely hidden from the road
  • a place in the country that feels like you are heading out to camp every night
  • early coffee on the balcony, where my husband says "i think mornings are now my favourite time of the day"
  • a change in mindset - from everybody cares! to who cares!
  • a new permanent job that will allow me the time and money to do what I really want to do - to live life fully and out LOUD
  • the drive to and from the house - farms, fields, horses, cows, deer, trees, open skies, and wildflowers
  • friends coming to warm the new house with guitar licks and laughter
  • drum circles at 1am with oscar, my newest 3rd year old buddie, after he had said "one more song!" for the twelve time, and just before he closed his eyes and went to sleep, dreaming in music
  • hula-hooping at midnight in the rain
  • a crush on a boy with angel eyes
  • staying up to watch the sun come up
  • the beauty and rarity of my three favourite girls
  • a house full of creative, funny, vibrant, fantastic people
  • brunch for 10, coffee for 100
  • refreshing pool time in this hot and humid summer
  • badminton and volleyball on a lazy lazy lazy saturday afternoon
  • looking at my legs and arms, and seeing the same thing I did 25 years ago - mosquito bites, shrub scratches, freckles, and brown skin - all reflective of a perfect summer day
  • pink toenails against a blue pool bottom
  • little linus and his dimples
  • meeting new friends and rekindling old relationships
  • homemade juice popsicles
  • dancing with my eyes closed for hours on end
  • healing words and people
  • my body, for easily finding those old dancing moves, ones I haven't done in months as I was busy with the "rest of my life"
  • signs from out there - showing me the way, showing me how to slow down, reminding me everything's ok
  • freedom and letting go
  • seeing my husband letting go in the same way