Tuesday, May 23, 2006

kung f.... whoops!

Given that:
- I was in the elevator at work by myself
- I had a test tonight to advance another sash level in kung fu
- I wanted to practise my high kicks
- I can now kick much higher than I used to
- I guess I don't realize the size of my own foot

I shouldn't be surprised, when:
- the security desk phoned the elevator after I had accidentally hit the HELP! button when I thought I was just going for the "close door" button

And be hopeful that:
- there are no cameras in there and they don't realize that when I replied "ooops, I hit the wrong button, sorry, heehee!" I meant with my foot and not my finger.

Friday, May 12, 2006

greedy mcseedstealer

Last night we left the doors open to our balcony off the bedroom as the air was hot and muggy, but left the screen door closed. It rained during the night, and was pretty windy, but it felt good to stir the air in the room. In the middle of the night, we both awoke to some strange noises - not the wind-blowing noises we'd fallen asleep to... this was something very odd. It kind of sounded like someone was shoving something... then it sounded like someone wheezing (!) ... then it sounded a bit like something growling (!!) ... then I just plain thought it was a bear digging around for some food (!!!). We both got up and went outside, slowly walking to the edge of the balcony to see what was there.

Just a raccoon! That's ok, that's pretty normal in the country. The fact that he was eating birdseed that had fallen from the bird feeder above kind of pissed me off - get your own food, buster! The fact that he was eating birdseed that was being shaken down to the deck by the other raccoon hanging from the birdfeeder by his LEFT ARM was what was so alarming about the whole scene! It was the hanging guy who was doing all the grunting and snuffling and wheezing. The little bugger must have jumped up to get more seeds, and got his little opposable thumb caught and was trying to get down.

We went back to bed, he eventually got out and left with his buddy, and then we were left awake and dealing with the damn mosquitos that got in while the door was open while we were watching the raccoons. Do you think they're all working together?