Monday, November 15, 2004

a new house to fit my hobbies

Apparently my house was NOT made for hooping! Did you know that it is actually dangerous to try to choreograph a hoola hooping belly dancing routine in a square living room? Or any other room in the house? Things will fall off the shelves if hit by flying hoops! I need a round house!
I'm actually pretty serious about that... I've always loved organic shapes and have coveted adobe houses for about a decade now. I envy all you southwestern folk! They just aren't all that practical here in the Zone 5 world. Every time I see one in a magazine (often portrayed in mags such as Natural Home), my knees go weak when I think of the lovely navaho blankets draped across my hearth and sofas, as I curl up in front of my organic-shaped fireplace. I LOVED the hobbits' homes in Lord of the Rings, with the round doors and adobe and plaster-looking insides. There is actually something I could build here in the north that would be a compromise - it's a sprayed cement round home built by Monolithic. There are actually a couple within a few hours of Ottawa, that people have built in the last few years, and we may go visit them over the winter. I'm sure one of their houses would have a place to hoop! I'll just have to start thinking about where to put my square furniture...

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