Sunday, October 31, 2004

halloween geeks please!

So, you take one Dremel tool,

Several pumpkins,

Several patterns from the Dremel website

One family,

And mix for great results:

My brother in law did the following one without a dremel, just the old fashioned way with a knife. You can't see it in the dark picture, but in the other picture below, you can see he cleverly used the inner guts as pumpkin vomit.

We actually didn't have the pumpkins out at our place tonight. We went to our friends' house and put them out there, as we were helping them give out candy. They just had a baby this week, and dad was taking the other boys out trick or treating, while mom was home feeding, so we took over the job of door answerers. We all dressed up like pirates and answered the door with mighty "Hars!", and "Hello maties!"

Also, happy 9th birthday Wally-wally-bing-bong-woo! aka Warlock:

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