Wednesday, October 20, 2004

oooh it's new

I made a few changes to my home page - all part of the cleaning up I've been doing. I've also separated the journal from the shopping page a bit. People who are shopping can still access it if they want from the front page, but there is no connection once they are shopping. I just kinda wanted it that way.... people who are curious will arrive there if they like, but those people just wanting to learn about mobiles or somethings, aren't inundated with my personal story. Not that I don't want to share, it's just I'm learning when and where to put up boundaries, even those as ephemeral as a click away.

So.. I didn't find any fabric that was that fabulous at the show on Saturday, just one piece of batiked cotton that will make a nice tablecloth. My big score was a HUGE spool (weighing in around 5 lbs) of linen thread, that will be great for bookbinding or lantern making. Weeeeee! That reminds me, I have a bunch of lanterns that I'll put up in the store soon. A great Christmas gift for the light in YOUR life :)

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