Thursday, June 09, 2005

we'll miss you

Warlock lost his battle tonight. He had not been doing well this week, wasn't eating at all and was weak and really slowing down. We took him to the vet tonight and he had become so anemic through all the blood loss that the inside of his mouth had lost all its colour. We took him for a little walk around the block to decide what to do (or rather, when... tonight, or wait another few days?). The vet said his heart was so weak he was going to start fainting, and a heart attack was imminent. I called my sister to come to the vet's office, as I knew she would want to say goodbye. We got to sit with him on the lawn in the sunshine for a half hour or so and then we took him inside.

I miss him so much already, the house is quiet, and his toys are sitting there waiting to be played with. We've had him for six years, and he was so much an identifying factor in our lives here in Ottawa. It'll be strange without him.

Life goes on, and I know he's somewhere out there running his little heart out, chasing some poor rabbit.

I love that he was part of our lives for so long, and that he chose us to be his caretakers. We wouldn't be the same without having met him.

Bye little bean pole, we'll miss you. xoxo.


Kathedral said...

Oh Tania! I never know what to say. I love you and I am truly sorry for your loss. Warlock was quite the personality - gives rise to the nature versus nurture debate as he must have taken on a few habits from his caretakers ;)


Anonymous said...

Well that leaves a void in my visits! :( Sad time, Well he'll be missed and certainly not forgotten! Gave us lots of giggles! Thoughts r with ya in your loss! And.....Warlock/Neckers/Wally?Clickers...ETC, ;) Run to your hearts content! Take Care Guys!

Anonymous said...

Tania, I'm really sorry to hear about your pup. As a dog owner myself, I understand that they are family members and they have a significant impact on our lives. Take solace in the fact that you gave him a happy, loving home and he had a great time while he was around.

Thinking of you,


monkey said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! You all mean so much to me, and I'm so happy to have you all around while I go through this.
love Tania

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your puppy! I remember meeting him when Christine and I would come over and he was such a character.
Sorry about your loss.


monkey said...

Thanks for your kind words, Jen!