Monday, June 13, 2005

a rest

So I didn't do much packing this weekend, even though we move in two weeks. I was still pretty mopey about my pup, and I got a cold of sorts on Friday which made me groggy. Mix in the heat wave, and lack of sleep throughout the week, I was one tired lady. I did some packing on Saturday morning, and then got ready to meet my friend to go to the spa!

We had made our appointments a while ago, and it ended up being the perfect day. I was definitely needing some rest and relaxation, and the spa was perfect. May I repeat it once more: this spa was perfect! I got a facial and a pedicure, and it was exactly the right mix of relaxation and girl-time that I needed to make me feel better. They have a very annoying flash-ful website, but the actual building is fantastic. It's an old building that's been renovated and added on to, but it has kept a lot of the charm of the older structure. The facial was great - really nice organic products, and a lot of massage and tender care. The pedicure we got was a stone peddie - they use warm stones to massage your legs and feet before doing all the rest of the footie-type stuff. Worth the extra five bucks! You are allowed to bring your own wine and snacks, so next time we go, we will definitely take a bottle of champagne and some cheese and fruit for a perfectly lovely afternoon.

Seriously, it was exactly what the healer ordered. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for good spa services at a decent price. It let me step back and take some time to relax and not feel pressured about the move. And the bonus on top of this day? My family came over and brought tapas for dinner and I didn't have to lift a finger, except for stopping at the beer store on the way home for my favourite beer and maybe cut some bread. And the extra extra bonus? The beautiful yellow bouquet of flowers my sister had delivered from a lovely store in Manotick, full of gerberas, lillies, orchids, roses, and greenery, just to lift my spirits. The toast that night was definitely to the best family in the world.

Sunday consisted of a lot of continued relaxation - in bed till noon, brunch in front of fave tv shows, more reading of a good book, sitting in the back yard, and meeting my husband for dinner out. yummies! Oh yeah, I also think I packed one box.

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