Tuesday, May 23, 2006

kung f.... whoops!

Given that:
- I was in the elevator at work by myself
- I had a test tonight to advance another sash level in kung fu
- I wanted to practise my high kicks
- I can now kick much higher than I used to
- I guess I don't realize the size of my own foot

I shouldn't be surprised, when:
- the security desk phoned the elevator after I had accidentally hit the HELP! button when I thought I was just going for the "close door" button

And be hopeful that:
- there are no cameras in there and they don't realize that when I replied "ooops, I hit the wrong button, sorry, heehee!" I meant with my foot and not my finger.


Sarah said...

that is too funny. and something i would totally do. i did get your email by the way. i'm just not reallly making things to sell right now. i should. just haven't been going that route.

take care. :)

Dupa Jasia said...

.. .. ...