Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Q: When is the worst time to find out there is water in your basement?
A: When there is an inspector doing a house inspection on your house that is conditional on the sale of that very same house.

Q: When did we find out there was water in our basement?
A: By phone from the inspector while he was with the house buyer in the basement doing the house inspection that is conditional on the sale of our house.

Fortunately, there wasn't a lot. Fortunately, we now know what the problem is, and it's fixable (the tap to the outside when we attach the hose). Unfortunately, they are now adjusting their offer. We find out today by how much they are adjusting their offering price.

Q: When is the worst time to find your sick dog has had house-training accidents?
A: At 2am after a night out on the town, and also at 8:00am when you are already late for work, and basically any time after you have laid new carpet down in order to help sell your house (see above).

Q: When did we find these same accidents?
A: Yes, those very times, several weeks in a row now.

The dog is feeling worse and worse, and we are facing the fact that we will have to make a life or death decision very soon. My brother-in-law suggested the Health Research Institute's Ottawa Personal Decision Guide. Apparently going through the steps helps one make big decisions related to health - ie. life or death, surgery or not, types of therapies or treatments, etc. - looking at pros and cons, and figuring out which works best for you. I'll keep you updated.

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