Sunday, March 20, 2005

hello beautiful!

We've had a very exciting week and weekend! We started looking at houses on the Listings early in the week, found a place we liked, saw it on Thursday, saw it again on Friday, put in an offer on Saturday, and became it's new owners today! I love it!!! It's about 20 minutes from our current house, kind of in the "country" near a small hamlet, near the bigger city, next to the biggest city. It's got DSL for pete's sake, it's not that far out :) But it is on well water and septic tank (I'll have to plant the garden over it, I'll get giant pumpkins!).

So, yah, lots of nervous energy this week, and I'm trying to come down to earth and give my brain a break for a little while But holy crap I'm so happy!! The best part? A full basement, big enough for me to use my hoolahoop all year round :) The second best part? The private deck off the master bedroom, which also has a woodstove in it for those romantic wintery nights. Oh, and the stone fireplace in the living room, oh, and the two acres of land, oh, and the big garage for my hubby, oh, and the red cedar siding.... yeah, it's nice.

Gotta sell my current place though. Wanna buy a nice split-level house with 4 bedrooms and and 55 x 110 lot, 15 minutes from the Nation's Capitol vibrant downtown? Let me know!


Kathedral said...

Mr. and Mrs. Spend-A-Lot reward themselves for not spending money and
buying a couch by .....

......... buying a new home!


monkey said...

Haha so true! Thanks!

Paul Plouffe said...

Hey Tania & Arek...I heard about the great news. Congrats! Really happy for you.