Sunday, February 06, 2005

51 things

  1. i am 35
  2. i got married 4 years ago, we met 5 years before that
  3. i have had at least 5 surgeries in my life
  4. i am a public servant
  5. i am also a business woman
  6. i like to sleep
  7. i am a researcher at heart, and will research all options before choosing what to do. this takes a long time and i am trying to curtail this habit.
  8. i am creative
  9. i took piano lessons as a child for about 6 years. i stopped them sometime in highschool, and didn't play again until my husband bought me a piano for my thirtieth birthday.
  10. i own tap shoes and flamenco shoes. i've only taken a couple of classes
  11. i like summer and want to live in a warmer climate
  12. i like to travel
  13. i am not very social - i spend more time by myself than with anyone else
  14. i'm not good at making small talk, and find it hard to get to know someone well
  15. i like to make things with paper and fabric, mainly because of the colours and texture
  16. i want to live in a natural home, preferably an adobe house or a dome home
  17. i love to dance, mostly in my house
  18. i love to play with my big hoop, although it's very difficult inside in the winter!
  19. i am trying to respect myself enough to stay healthy and fit
  20. i love to suntan, even though it's not "good for you" I still think it makes people look healthier
  21. i have a dog who is 9 years old
  22. i flew off a bike once, going over the handlebars. i landed on my face and knocked a tooth out. i was in so much shock once i got to the hospital that i was laughing after i realized i no longer needed to go and buy a halloween costume anymore!
  23. i was bullied in school
  24. my grandfather gave me a typewriter when i was 10. i loved it and used to type and type and type, usually just retyping my favourite books. this is how i learned to type. later in highschool the guidance counselor told me i'd make a great secretary
  25. i created a library in my bedroom of all my books. i made up an inventory numbering system, and attached labels to all the spines, and set up a book for people to sign when they borrowed a book. i never lent anyone any books, as i liked my library too much and didn't want to have spaces in it. another guidance counselor later told me i'd make a good librarian. i actually wanted to sign up in university for this, but a family member looked at me like i was crazy and i so i felt like it wasn't a "good enough" job.
  26. i'm goofy
  27. i am taking belly dancing lessons. my shimmy is really good.
  28. i do not have a sweet tooth in general, but if you give me a freshly baked apple fritter i will follow you to the ends of the world.
  29. i am a half-orphan. my father died 5 years ago
  30. i never thought I'd like a vacation where you sat on the beach all day, until i took a vacation where i sat on the beach all day.
  31. i am four feet eleven and three quarter inches tall
  32. on the other hand, i am often spontaneous and impulsive
  33. i own a house. some of the rooms are nearly complete and gorgeous, but most of the rooms remind me of student housing.
  34. i love my family, and my family-in-law
  35. i am a good baker
  36. i am compassionate
  37. i am a picky eater
  38. i took violin lessons as a child, got good enough to be 2nd violin in the city youth orchestra, and then gave it up when i thought it wasn't cool anymore. twenty years later, i can barely remember the string names.
  39. i like to laugh
  40. i wanted to take dance lessons as a kid SOOOO badly, but i knew my dad thought it was stupid, so i never asked if I could, cuz i didn't want to hear him say no.
  41. i had my first Krispe Kreme experience last April. it was religious, and i am a convert
  42. i love being female
  43. i used to wear a lot of black clothes, and now my closet is starting to look like a rainbow
  44. i like taking pictures
  45. my favourite wine is chianti
  46. my favourite colour is orange
  47. the friends i do have, i love them dearly.
  48. if i won 5 million dollars, i would quit work, travel a lot, build a big beautiful house, and apprentice at a fashion design house.
  49. i think my husband is beautiful.
  50. he thinks I'm beautiful.
  51. so do i.

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